The Luxury-Inspired Smooth Ride of the Nissan Altima

Luxury sedans are renowned for smooth, comfortable rides in even the harshest conditions. You can enjoy this quality in a great midsize sedan with the Nissan Altima. One of the most popular cars in its class in Fort Collins, the Altima is designed with extra power behind the hood and an array of technologies that keep your ride smooth and comfortable.

When you get behind the wheel of the Altima, you'll discover its precision handling. Even the sharpest of corners can be navigated with comfortable stability and ease. Even more, luxury-inspired shocks keep your ride smooth in rough conditions. You'll also enjoy the smooth shifting of the CVT transmission, packed with advanced technologies that let you glide through the gears.

Feel the smoothness and luxury on your own when you take the Altima for a test drive. Visit us at Tynan's Nissan Fort Collins to get on the road today.



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