Maintain Your Windshield Wipers for Maximum Visibility

The ability to see the road ahead clearly while driving may seem like an obvious necessity, but oftentimes we don't know there is a problem with our windshield wipers until it is nighttime, or the weather is inclement. Keeping the windshield wiper blades in good condition is essential for optimum visibility.

If the windshield wiper blades have been damaged from the sun and air, then they can become brittle. Wiper blades that are worn and damaged will not clear the windshield well and will leave streaks and blurs. This can affect your ability to see through the windshield. Replacing the wipers when needed will prevent you from being caught in a rainstorm with wipers that do not clear the rain from the windshield.

You can bring your vehicle into Tynan’s Nissan Fort Collins in Fort Collins, CO for any automotive services, including having your windshield wiper blades inspected. We can replace them if they are not up to par and will ensure they are synchronized correctly.

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