New Nissan Rogue Sport Helps Drivers Out

The Nissan Rogue Sport is a popular mid size SUV that provides drivers and passengers alike with pleasant driving experiences. In addition, this roomy and sturdy vehicle offers drivers a number of backup systems that enhance safety as well as effort. Some of these systems include intelligent driver assist and driver rear awareness systems.

It can be difficult and even stressful for drivers to maintain attention and posture behind the wheel on long trips, but the Nissan Pro Pilot system makes this a thing of the past. This driver centric system can take over many driving tasks including keeping vehicles in the proper lanes, bringing vehicles to complete stops, and even maintaining position in the flow of traffic.

This vehicle also helps drivers out when they're moving in reverse. It offers an intelligent mobility suite of features that include rear automatic emergency braking with pedestrian intervention. The rear automatic braking system scans the rear of the vehicle with special sensors and automatically applies brakes if it detects any individuals or objects.



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