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Find peace of mind with brake service at Tynan's Nissan Fort Collins

At Tynan's Nissan Fort Collins our service center staff takes their job of keeping your Nissan in tip-top shape very seriously. They're well-versed in a range of services and repairs, and one vehicle concern that always brings shoppers in Fort Collins and beyond is brake troubles. Naturally, people want to stop with confidence, so we'll go over the signs that your vehicle's brakes should be inspected to maintain optimal safety.

How often do I need a routine brake inspection?

Check your owner's manual to see the exact service schedule, Nissan does recommend that you visit your local Fort Collins Nissan dealer at least once a year. Results from a routine brake inspection will vary on the driver's driving style as well as the environment the vehicle is in.

What are signs I might need brake work?

  • The pedal feels soft or "spongy" when you go to break
  • You notice it takes longer to stop when the roads are dry and especially when they're wet
  • When you brake the wheel vibrates, making it hard for you to maintain control
  • The senses kick in: you can hear grinding, squealing, or clunking or you smell burning
  • Your Nissan pulls to one side when braking
  • The brake warning light comes on in the dash

These issues can sometimes point to other car components that need to be addressed, but if you're noticing any of these problems it's imperative that you come in for service so that you can continue to keep yourself and others safe as you drive down I-25.

Why do brakes start to fail?

One of the causes of brake issues is wear and tear as the brake pads start to thin. Another issue is that you lose brake fluids. The fluids help maintain pressure so you can safely stop, and as the leak gets worse you'll lose that pressure.

After you've scheduled an appointment, our service center technicians will look at your Nissan, find the cause of the problem, and perform brake checks to ensure safety and confidence for your Northern Colorado travels! Make sure you check our service specials before coming in, as you might find brake specials to help make paying for this necessary appointment a little easier.