Nissan Express Fort Collins, CO

Tynan's Nissan wants to help you care for your Nissan at our service and Express Service centers

Servicing your Nissan is an important part of vehicle ownership, and our service center technicians are ready to assist so that your vehicle runs smoothly for the length of the lease or for many years to come. We also have an Express Service center at our Fort Collins dealership that can quickly handle common vehicle maintenance needs. Keep reading to learn more about service importance, Express Service, and common reasons to visit our service center.

Service & Maintenance

We stand by the Nissan brand's reliability, but just because Nissan has that reputation that doesn't mean you should skip your scheduled service appointments or avoid issues that may arise. Make sure you come into our dealership so that our trained Nissan technicians can review your vehicle and make sure there aren't any issues that could become costlier down the line! Here  are some benefits of bringing your Nissan into our service center on a regular basis:


Consistent Performance




Express Services

The services on these pages fall under the category of Express Services. Not only are they fast for us to do, but you don't need an appointment to come in and see us! With Express Services we can give your vehicle an oil change, rotate your tires, check and replace the cabin air filter so you can breathe easy, replace those wiper blades, check the life and health of your battery, and perform a few other services (see us for full details.) We know you lead a busy life, and with the Express Services you can come in with your Nissan and get back to Longmont in no time.

Oil & Filter Change

Tire Rotation
Some Scheduled Maintenance Services
Battery Service
Air/Cabin Air Filter Service
Wiper Blade Replacement

Oil Change

Our technicians do oil changes daily, and although it's a basic service, avoiding it can have expensive ramifications. Engine oil helps lubricate the engine and other crucial components, and in doing so it keeps the temperatures within a safe range. The longer the oil stays in your vehicle, the gummier and less effective it becomes, and that's where you can get into trouble if you keep skipping this crucial appointment! Your owner's manual will let you know how often you need to visit us for an oil change. It'll also let you know if you need conventional, synthetic, or advanced full-synthetic oils from the Nissan or Mobil brands.

Reduce Engine Wear and Corrosion

Helps Cool Engine Components
Protects Against Engine Wear and Particles and Sludge
Meets or Exceeds Industry Specifications
Promotes Extended Engine Life


Weird brake noises or the brake warning light send people into our service center right away. And that makes sense because stopping at any speed is important, and people want to ensure that their brakes are in tip-top share. If you hear squealing or grinding, notice your vehicle pulls to the side when you brake, or sense that it takes longer to brake, come visit us. We'll check the rotors, review the brakes and brake pads, and order the right parts needed to get your brakes back to where they were.

Your Brake Warning Light Is On

You Hear Squealing or Grinding When You Apply The Brakes

Your Vehicles Pulls to One Side or Another When Braking

It Takes a Longer Time to Stop Than Normal

Once you arrive, we'll give your brakes a full inspection, check the rotors and brake pads, and if necessary order new parts!


Whether we're talking about a flashlight, power tool, or a Nissan vehicle, it's easy to forget about the batteries powering them until they die! Since having a dead car battery poses more of an immediate problem than a dead flashlight, our service technicians can and will perform a multipoint inspection to make sure your battery is healthy. If it is, they'll order a new one through the parts center. Here are somethings you can note, as they're signs that your battery might need replacing in the near future.


Slow Cranking When You Start Your Vehicle

Clicking Noises When Turning The Key
Interior Lights Start to Dim
Dashboard Battery Warning Light Stays Illuminated When Your Vehicle is Running
You Need to JumpStart Your Vehicle

If you need to bring your Nissan in for service as soon as possible, don't be afraid to utilize the Express Service center for the needs above. If what you need isn't listed above, use our online schedule to make an appointment!